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Ford established its presence in then Malaya, in 1926 and in four years began assembly operations in Singapore. In 1972 the Ford Motor Company of Malaya was incorporated.

In 1981, in response to Malaysia's New Economic Policy a 49% stake was sold to Pernas Sime Darby. With a required reduction in equity to 30% in 1984, Ford withdrew operational involvement. Direct participation recommenced in 1996, and in 2000 Ford became a 49% shareholder in Ford Malaysia.

The Ford name has always been held in high regard by Malaysians. Whether the passenger cars of the 70's, and 80's or the more current Ranger pickups, and Escape and Everest SUVs, Ford has retained a reputation for building high quality, safe and good performing vehicles.

Ford dealerships and outlets are located at strategic locations throughout the country, including its flagship facility located at Ara Damansara in Selangor. All dealerships are being upgraded to this corporate Brand at Retail standard and include service facilities and processes to meet future technology needs.

To meet production demands, over 600 staff work in the Ford Malaysia plant at Shah Alam. Ford quality manufacturing standards and operating processes are being applied to drive improvement and deliver global vehicle quality.

The Ford Malaysia team is focused on reducing cost, and driving change through shop-floor empowerment and process stability. At the same time Ford Malaysia is a manufacturer that improves the quality of life in multi-ethnic and progressive Malaysia through work-force and community-based programs.
Quick Historical Facts
1909 First unit of Ford (Model N) imported into Malaya

1926 Ford Motor Company of Malaya Limited was incorporated in Singapore, importing Ford Model T cars. Wearne & Co. appointed as the Ford Dealer by Ford Canada. Wearnes went on to become dealers for many franchises in Malaya and Singapore and established assembly plants in both countries in the mid'60s.
1930 Assembly of Semi-Knocked Down vehicles began in Singapore
1941 The first Ford assembly plant was established in Bukit Timah in Singapore. Full body assembly commenced. Singapore surrender to the Japanese was signed in this plant (February 15, 1942). Plant recommenced commercial production in April 1947.
1965 Singapore separated from Malaysia
1967 Malaysian Government implemented an automotive industry policy that provided for local assembly of cars, and restricted the importation of CBU vehicles from the Ford plant in Singapore.

1968 Ford Motor Company, USA (Ford) entered into a 10 year dealer assembly agreement with Universal Cars and Associated Motor Industries of Malaysia (Both wholly owned subsidiaries of Wearnes Brothers Ltd). Wearnes Brothers Ltd was involved in importing, assembling and distributing Ford motor vehicles in Malaysia.

1972 Ford Motor Company of Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Ford Malaysia) was formed as a subsidiary of Ford U.S.A. (100% Ford owned). A marketing office in Kuala Lumpur and a parts and accessories store in Shah Alam were established.

1979 Ford Malaysia was granted government approval to operate, assemble and distribute Ford motor vehicles in Malaysia. Ford Malaysia bought out including its assembly plant (formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Wearnes Brothers Ltd). Ford Malaysia took over the distribution and assembly businesses (Associated Motor Industries of Malaysia Sdn Bhd - AMIM) from Wearnes Brothers Ltd.

1981 Ford and Pernas Sime Darby entered into a joint venture agreement for Pernas Sime Darby to acquire 49% of Ford Malaysia.

1984 Ford Malaysia changed its name to AMIM Holdings Sdn Bhd (AMIM). Pernas Sime Darby increased its equity to 70% in line with the New Economic Policy for Malaysia.

1988 The ownership of AMIM was restructured. The Pernas Sime Darby 70% equity interest in AMIM was sold to Tractors Malaysia (a subsidiary of Sime Darby Berhad). Ford continued to hold 30% equity.

1999 (September 8) The ownership of AMIM Holdings was restructured with Ford acquiring 49% equity. AMIM Holdings name was also changed to Ford Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 2004 Ford Malaysia becomes the first Malaysian automotive assembly plant to achieve the ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality management system certification from RWTUV (Rheinisch-Westfalischer TUV), an international certification body in Europe.

2008 Sime Darby AutoConneXion Sdn Bhd, which comes under the Sime Darby Motors network, took over from Ford Malaysia as the sole distributor of all Ford vehicles in Malaysia.
Ford Heritage
As with most great enterprises, Ford Motor Company's beginnings were modest. The company had anxious moments in its infancy. The earliest record of a shipment is July 20, 1903, approximately one month after incorporation, to a Detroit physician. With the company's first sale came hope - a young Ford Motor Company had taken its first steps.
Mass Production on the Line
Perhaps Ford Motor Company's single greatest contribution to automotive manufacturing was the moving assembly line. First implemented at the Highland Park plant (in Michigan, US) in 1913, the new technique allowed individual workers to stay in one place and perform the same task repeatedly on multiple vehicles that passed by them. The line proved tremendously efficient, helping the company far surpass the production levels of their competitors-and making the vehicles more affordable.
The First Vehicles
Ford insisted that the company's future lay in the production of affordable cars for a mass market. Beginning in 1903, the company began using the first 19 letters of the alphabet to name new cars. In 1908, the Model T was born. 19 years and 15 million Model T's later, Ford Motor Company was a giant industrial complex that spanned the globe. In 1925, Ford Motor Company acquired the Lincoln Motor Company, thus branching out into luxury cars, and in the 1930's, the Mercury division was created to establish a division centered on mid-priced cars. Ford Motor Company was growing.
Becoming a Global Company
In the 50's came the Thunderbird and the chance to own a part of Ford Motor Company. The company went public and, on Feb. 24, 1956, had about 350,000 new stockholders.

Henry Ford II's keen perception of political and economic trends in the 50's led to the global expansion of Ford Motor Company in the 60's, and the establishment of Ford of Europe in 1967, 20 years ahead of the European Economic Community's arrival. The company established its North American Automotive Operations in 1971, consolidating U.S., Canadian, and Mexican operations more than two decades ahead of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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Discover the Ford That Fits You
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