Ford Ranger Raptor: A Technology-Packed, All-New Powertrain for an Exhilarating Drive
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 30 January 2019 – What powertrain do you put in an off-road truck that needs tons of torque for rock-crawling and hill-climbing, enough acceleration and top-end power to earn it a Ford Performance badge, yet also needs to meet strict global emissions standards and have exceptional range? 

Everything about Ranger Raptor breaks the mold. Its powertrain is no exception.

Exploiting the latest technology available, the global Ranger Raptor team has cleverly calibrated a Bi-Turbo diesel to the same advanced 10-speed automatic transmission seen in the F-150 Raptor. With the turbos working sequentially to deliver the power seamlessly, and the 10-speed offering a gear for every situation, the all-new powertrain heralds the future of Performance trucks.

It’s clear Nick Pollard, chief program engineer on Ranger Raptor’s Bi-Turbo diesel engine, is impressed with the performance figures his team has delivered.

“The reason we have used a Bi-Turbo is that we want to get the power at the top end and the torque and the responsiveness at the low end. We've been able to deliver 500Nm of torque and 157kW of power from an engine that, at the same time, is really extremely efficient.”

Pollard added that not only had the Bi-Turbo diesel proven it could generate large amounts of power and torque, it had proven it was Built Ford Tough.

“One of the harshest tests we do is a Manifold Crack Test. We run the engine until the turbochargers are heated to 860 degrees centigrade and are glowing red hot on the dyno, then rapidly cool them down. We cycle through this continuously for two weeks or two hundred hours. The Bi-Turbo passed with flying colours.”

The Ranger Raptor’s 10-speed automatic transmission is a work of engineering art which, having already proven itself in the F-150 Raptor and the Mustang, shows Ford continues to push the envelope in transmission development. Steel and aluminium construction makes it substantially stronger, lighter and more compact than its cast iron predecessors. The power and economy benefits of the large spread of close ratios are apparent as soon as you drive it.

Ranger Raptor Chief Program Engineer, Damien Ross, said matching the robust Bi-Turbo diesel engine with the right transmission was vital in delivering Ranger Raptor’s impressive torque and power at the right time.

“It's a superb transmission for allowing you to get every gear you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. If you are taking on really steep or rocky terrain, there is a heap of low-end torque. If you are driving at high speeds, the 9th and 10th gears are going to let the engine relax and get you really great fuel economy and range. It shifts beautifully. You'll find that this truck drives like no other truck.”

In Ranger Raptor, that drive could be anywhere: comfortably gliding through city streets, rock hopping a forest creek bed, cruising along an ocean beach or exploiting the vehicle’s capability to take on a high-speed bush or desert track. With impressive cutting-edge suspension underneath, Ranger Raptor’s all-new powertrain is ready to propel a new legion of global Raptor fans to urban and off-road adventures.
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