Essential luxuries
Once you may have considered these features luxuries. Now they’re not just what you expect in a car. They’re also what you deserve.
Stay in touch with your world. Just say the words and SYNC® 2 keeps you connected, while your hands stay safely on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
Lane Keeping System
By monitoring road markings, this system detects if you appear to unintentionally move out of your lane. If you do, your steering wheel will vibrate to warn you. If lane departure continues it will also direct you back into your lane by applying steering torque, unless your indicator is on.
Rear view camera
How often have you wished you had eyes in the back of your head? Mondeo’s Rear View Camera lets you clearly see what’s behind you, while the beep of the rear parking sensors tells you how close you are. The system even automatically turns down your music so you can hear the beeps clearly.
Handing over the keys to the younger members of your family is a tough call. But MyKey® makes sure that they’ll drive as if you were in the car with them. You can program it to remind them to put on seat belts, limit their speed, keep their music volume down, and concentrate on the drive, not their phone.


    [1] Local laws may prohibit the use of this feature while driving.

    [2] Your mobile phone must be paired and in mobile reception range. Check your local road rules. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and is used under licence.

    [3] Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc., and is used under licence. For SYNC™ compatibility, visit the SYNC™ page

    [4] Vehicle appearance and specifications may vary from actual vehicle.

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