A capable SUV ready to take on any adventure
Designed to tackle tough terrain and unexpected obstacles, the new Everest is rough and ready.
Discover what is beyond the road's end.
Get off the beaten path
Take on whatever is next Right now.
  • Best-in-class water wading
  • Colossal ground clearance
  • All the right angles
  • Terrain Management System
    The Everest helps you tackle any surface, on-road or off, at the turn of a dial. Its Terrain Management System lets you shirt-on-the-fly to maximum traction and stability to stay in control.
  • Snow or Mud
    For driving on slippery and shifting snow, gravel or grass, this mode keeps RPMs low for greater control,
    while enhanced ABS and torque control help minimise wheel slip.
  • Sand
    Automatically applies braking, as needed, to slow the vehicle to a set speed in off-road downhill conditions.
    Speed can be adjusted through the accelerator and the Cruise Control buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Rock
    Keeps 4WD in first gear for greater control and manimises ABS and torque transfer to help drivers navigate extreme off-road terrain.
Electric locking rear
For off-roaders looking for traction and grip, even in slippery or rugged terrains, the electric locking rear differential provides full engine torque to both rear wheels, even if one is off the ground.
Smooth Suspension
On the open road, this SUV is a smooth ride. Unlike rigid suspension systems, the Everest’s Watt’s Linkage Suspension delivers improved stability and handling with maximum comfort.
Hill Descent Control and Launch Assist
Negotiating tough slopes in the Everest is simple. Hill Descent Control uses the brake system to take you downhill at a safe and steady pace. Take hold of the steering wheel and the Everest takes care of the rest, When you're on an incline, Hill Launch assist assures you have a smooth start. Take your foot off the brake and the system holds the brake for a few seconds. Step on the accelerator, and you're off.

    [1] All the prices stated is On-The-Road price with GST excluding insurance. Please consult your Authorised Ford Dealer for more details.

    [2] Vehicle appearance and specifications may vary from actual vehicle.

    [3] SYNC 2 available on 3.2L models only. SYNC available on 2.2L models.

    [4] Black leather interior available on 3.2L AWD models only. Fabric interior on 2.2L models.

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