Drive on high beam without the dazzle
Glare-free high bean lets you drive on high beam without dazzling other road users. Sensors identify traffic ahead of your car and adjust the high beam pattern to protect other road users from glare, while illuminating the remainder of the road for greater visibility.
No ordinary headlight
Ford S-MAX is available with our latest Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights.
The intelligent headlight system detects different road conditions and selects the appropriate beam pattern for enhanced illumination. While the dynamic curve light throws the beam inside the curve to let you see further and sooner. The headlights also incorporate new daytime running lights. These distinctive lights have three LED strips that also function as turn indicators, flashing sequentially towards the direction of turn.


    [1] Available with the optional LED Adaptive headlights.

    [2] Vehicle appearance and specifications may vary from actual vehicle.

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