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From back-breaking loads, punishing terrains, raging rivers, outdoor adventures, weekly chores and routine, daily commutes to keeping your family safe, the new Ranger is built smart for every lifestyle.
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Power and performance is your priority. You put your trust in a true off-roading warrior that is built to thrive in the most brutal of environments.
You’re well-rounded and are constantly thinking about safety, cabin space, cargo capacity, and vehicle capability. You prioritise comfortable on-road travels and you’re always in search for the occasional weekend off-road staycation with family and friends.
Your body is your temple. You’re always in search for active situations that fuel your body. This can include endurance sports or just hitting the gym to break a sweat.
You put high consideration on a reliable on- and off-road companion that is able to tackle rough terrains with high ground clearance. You are in search for a vehicle that is best suited for transporting heavy loads and materials, equipped with a good sized open rear cargo.
You’re an individual who craves exhilaration. You’re not afraid to break the rules. For all the adventures that you’re looking to pursue, you need a truck capable of conquering unchartered terrains.
You’re a white collar individual, go-getter, and a city dweller who values socialising with friends after a productive day of work. You put your trust in a versatile vehicle, perfect for both weekday and weekend use.
You have a passion for the outdoors and recreational activities, be it cycling, trail running, or dragon-boating. You may even be that extreme adventurer who’s always travelling in search of climbing and mountain pursuits.
Functionality and purposeful design is constantly on top of your mind. You need to be able to ferry passengers in comfort, and at the same time carry heavy loads through rough terrains.
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