The Ranger WildTrak’s cutting-edge 10-speed automatic transmission and refined 2.0L Bi-Turbo engine deliver all the power and torque you need for the biggest jobs.
2.0L Single Turbo
Like its Bi-Turbo sibling, the 2.0L Single Turbo diesel engine offers impressive power, torque, and fuel savings.
2.0L Bi-Turbo Engine
Ranger WildTrak’s first and only in-class 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel engine is a stroke of genius. Two turbo charges work independently to deliver extra torque on demand, along with best-in-class fuel efficiency.
10-Speed Automatic Transmission
Ford’s first and only in-class 10-Speed Automatic Transmission is a revolution in performance, delivering more power, more torque, and more accurate, swifter gear changes. Plus, it’s more durable and efficient too.
  • Hill Launch Assist
    No more roll-back when starting or reversing uphill. Brake pressure is held for two seconds after you release the brake and press the accelerator.
  • Traction Control System
    Sensors individually monitor each wheel for speed and slip, and automatically brake and increase torque, as needed, to maximise grip and help avoid wheel spin.
  • Trailer Sway Assist
    Constantly monitors behaviour of the tow vehicle and trailer and automatically corrects instability or ‘sway’ using a left-right braking pattern and engine torque.
  • Rollover Mitigation
    Helps prevent the vehicle getting into a roll-over situation.

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    [2] Vehicle appearance and specifications may vary from actual vehicle. 

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