Playing Music – USB Player/iPOD
Use your voice to browse and select music on your iPod or music player. You can even ask SYNC® to play songs by name.
iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc. 

Make Sure: 
· Your device is plugged in to the USB port and the index upload complete
· You say names and titles exactly as they’re listed on your device
  1. Press the Voice button and say “USB,” or “USB<1/2>” if more than one device is connected.
  2. SYNC® will confirm and ask for a command. Say any of the following:
    - “Play <previous / next> track” |
    - “Play <track name / artist name>”  
    - “Play album / genre / playlist <name>”  
    - “Pause” / “Play”
    - “Repeat” / “Repeat off”
    - “Shuffle” / “Shuffle off”
    - “Similar music” (Plays other tracks in the same genre or category)
    - “What is playing?”
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