USB voice commands
When SYNC® is in USB mode, say any of the following commands:


Voice Commands

Play all tracks

"Play all"

Play a specific track

"Play track<Name>"
Eg.: "Play track Symphony Number 9"

Play a specific artist

“Play artist <Name>"

Play a specific genre

“Play genre <name>"
Eg.: "Play genre jazz"

Play a specific album

“Play playlist <Name>"
Eg.: "Play playlist Road Music"

Display all tracks

“Browse all tracks"

Pause or resume play

“Pause / Play"

Play previous/next track

“Previous / Next"

Repeat last track

“Repeat one"

Repeat all previous tracks

“Repeat all"

Turn repeat off

“Repeat off"

Turn-on Shuffle


Turn Shuffle off

“Shuffle off"

Shuffle album tracks

“Shuffle album" / "Shuffle album off"

Shuffle folder contents

“Shuffle folder" / "Shuffle folder off"

Play other tracks in the same genre/category

"Play similar music"

Find out name of track playing

“What’s playing?"

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