How to install SYNC® 3 updates with Wi-Fi

When you enable Automatic System Updates through Wi-Fi, SYNC® 3 will download, install and activate available system updates automatically; when SYNC® is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can connect through your home or other Wi-Fi network.Your vehicle need not be running during automatic updates. You’ll also be able to use SYNC® during the updating process.

Before you start:
 please park your vehicle within range of the Wi-Fi network to which you'd like to connect.

  • Start your vehicle and turn on the SYNC™ system.
  • The first time you use SYNC™ 3, the system may display a message asking if you would like to enable the Automatic System Updates feature.
    If you agree to automatic updates, press Yes to confirm.
    Note: If this message does not display, please see the Quick Tip below on performing a master reset.
  • A confirmation message will appear: "Automatic System Updates: On."
    Press Close.
  • A message will display: "SYNC™ can check for updates when connected to a Wi-Fi network." If you are within range of a network to which you'd like to connect, press "View networks."
  • A list of networks, including the name of your mobile phone if you’re using its hotspot feature, will appear on the screen.
    Press the name of the network to which you wish to connect.
  • A message displays the name of the network.
    Press Connect.
  • Enter the password required by the network.
    Press Done.
  • A message displays confirming the system is connecting to the network.
Note: If you would like to be notified when Wi-Fi networks are available while your vehicle is parked, press the Settings button in the Feature bar at the bottom of the screen and swipe until you see the Wi-Fi icon. Press Wi-Fi and press the Off button to turn Wi-Fi Available Notifications ON.
When you have successfully turned on Wi-Fi, an icon will appear in the status bar at the top of your SYNC®  screen while the vehicle is parked and Wi-Fi networks are in range.
To connect to a network, press the Settings button, swipe to Wi-Fi and press "View Available Networks." Available Wi-Fi networks will display.
Wi-Fi networks that require a web browser cannot be accessed through this feature.

Master Reset
If the first time you turn on the SYNC® system a message does not appear asking if you'd like to enable Automatic System Updates, a master reset will return the system to the factory settings. Here’s how to perform a master reset:
1. Press Settings in the Feature bar at the bottom of the screen.
2. Press the General icon. (You may have to swipe to the next screen.)
3. Press the Scroll bar or swipe vertically until you see Master Reset.
4. Press Master Reset.
5. A message confirming that all system settings will be erased and reset to factory defaults will appear. Press Continue.
6. A “Resetting to factory defaults” message will appear; the system will turn off and the screen will go blank. It may take a few minutes for the system to reboot and the Home screen to display.
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