How to perform a master reset for SYNC® 3
A master reset returns the SYNC® 3 system to the factory settings.
Before you Start
• Your vehicle must be in Park and running, not in Accessory mode.
• Please make note of addresses, routes and destinations before performing a master reset. The process will erase all personalized information.
• Disconnect or remove any USB devices that are connected to your vehicle's USB ports.
Step 1 

Press Settings in the Feature bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 2 

Press the General icon (you may have to swipe to the next screen).  

Step 3 

Press the Scroll bar or swipe vertically until you see Master Reset. Press Master Reset.  

Step 4 

A message confirming that all system settings will be erased and reset to factory defaults will appear. Press Continue.  

Step 5 

A “Resetting to factory defaults” message will appear, the system will turn off and the screen will go blank. It may take a few minutes for the system to reset and resume normal operation.  


Things to do after a master reset 

Once you’ve performed a master reset, you’ll need to pair your phone and download your phonebook contacts. 

If you experience problems with phone pairing after you install the update, try performing a “clean” pairing. First, delete SYNC® from your phone’s list of paired Bluetooth® devices. Then pair your phone as you would normally.
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