How to play your digital media player with SYNC® 3
Connecting your device to SYNC™ 3 by Bluetooth®
To access media stored on a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or other digital device, you must first pair and connect it to SYNC® 3.
1.Enable your phone or device’s Bluetooth® feature, and make it discoverable.
2. Press the Settings icon in the Feature bar at the bottom of the touchscreen.
3. Press Bluetooth® Devices and then Add a Bluetooth® Device.
4. Press Connect.
5. Search for devices on your mobile phone, until SYNC® is found.
6. When prompted on your device’s display, confirm that the PIN displayed by SYNC® 3 matches the PIN displayed on your device.
7. The SYNC® 3 display will then indicate that pairing is successful.
Playing music on your Bluetooth®-enabled device
One you’ve chosen Bluetooth® Stereo as the Audio Source, you can use both the touchscreen and voice commands to control playing.*
From the main Bluetooth® Stereo touchscreen, you can control playing with:
  • Advance, Reverse, Pause, Play or Repeat playing 
  • Shuffle to play tracks in random order 
  • Browse, if available, allows you to select a particular track displayed in the Now Playing playlist on the touchscreen 

*Note: Command and control are phone-dependent features. View the SYNC® 3 compatibility chart for your device.
Connecting your device to SYNC® 3 by a USB port
Plug in phones, flash drives and other USB devices into your USB ports, and use SYNC® 3 to play all of your favourite music. Simply plug your device into a USB port, select Audio Source on the touchscreen and then press USB. USB ports are located in the centre console or in the Audio Controls panel. (Check your Owner Manuals for exact location.)
Shuffle randomly plays your music
Browse displays the list of tracks in the Now Playing playlist
A-Z Jump allows you to choose a specific letter to view within the category you are browsing.
Explore Device (if available) allows you to browse folders and files in the order in which they appear on your USB device.
Note: These SYNC® 3 features are device-dependent. View the SYNC® 3 compatibility chart for your device.
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