Steering Wheel

Controls vary based on whether your vehicle is equipped with the corresponding features and your vehicle’s configuration. The control buttons in your vehicle may differ.

  • The Voice button activates Voice Recognition, which allows you to speak a command or interrupt the SYNC® 3 voice.
  • The Phone button answers or ends calls. This button may toggle between the functions. If your vehicle has two Phone buttons, one answers calls, the other ends calls.
  • The Audio Mute button mutes all forms of audio and media.
    Note: This button does not mute the SYNC® 3 voice.
  • The Volume control increases and decreases sound from media and the SYNC® 3 voice.
    Note: To raise or lower the volume of the SYNC® voice, adjust the volume control up or down WHILE the SYNC® 3 voice is speaking.
  • The Seek button moves through menu choices.
  • The OK button confirms your selections.
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