SYNC® 3 screen

Use the touchscreen to explore and interact with your vehicle. Sensitive and responsive, the touchscreen requires only a light tap for quick access to features. You can also use swipe and slide functions with some screens.

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, your touchscreen may vary slightly from the descriptions below. All home screens display the following sections:

  • Home Screen
    If your vehicle is not equipped navigation, a compass appears on the home screen, and this space will display the audio information. 
  • Status bar
    The Status bar icons indicate the current status of several features. The Status bar may appear slightly different depending on whether certain features are on or off.
  • Audio and Entertainment
    If you’re listening to audio, this field will display the Source such as AM, FM, CD, a Bluetooth® or USB-connected device, or an app such as
    Pandora or iHeartRadio.
  • Bluetooth® Device
    The phone area displays whether or not a phone or Bluetooth® Device is connected and if not, the option to connect a phone or add a device.
    Once a phone or Bluetooth® Device is paired and connected, these status indicators may appear depending upon your selections
    made in the Settings menu.
  • Climate controlled seats
    If your vehicle is equipped with climate controlled seats, this feature may be able to be adjusted on the home screen.
    Note: Climate controlled seats is only available on select models. If your vehicle is equipped with controlling this feature in the touchscreen. See your Owner Manuals for instructions specific to your vehicle.
  • Feature bar
    The Feature bar appears at the bottom of the home screen. A light tap on each icon will deliver the main menu for the corresponding feature. When you touch an icon, it will change color to indicate which menu you are viewing.
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