6-speed PowerShift
When it comes to transmissions, people are generally either manual or automatic fans. But what if you could get the best of both worlds in the one gearbox? The sporty feel and efficiency of a manual, with the ease of an automatic. 

How it works

  • The dual-clutch design of the 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission has two individual 3-speed transmissions working together in parallel. Each clutch controls three of the forward gears.

  • The transmission automatically engages the next gear in the sequence in anticipation of the shift, so gear changes are quick and power delivery is seamless, whether accelerating or slowing down.


Dual-clutch transmissions have been in racing cars for many years. Ford was one of the first manufacturers to commit to making them available in their vehicle range

Smooth Changes

Precisely-controlled tiny clutch slippage keeps noise and vibrations low and gear changes smooth. It also adds to fuel efficiency, allowing the engine to run at lower rpms in 5th and 6th gear.

Power with efficiency

  • Neutral idle disconnects the transmission from the engine when idling to help save on fuel, even if it’s in gear.

  • A wide gear ratio span provides torque in lower gears and two overdrive gears reduce engine rpm at highway speeds, also adding to fuel efficiency.

  • Its dry clutch design offers cost savings compared to traditional torque converters because it eliminates the added weight and cost of a torque converter, oil cooler, internal pump, and regular transmission fluid checks and refills.
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