Active City Stop
So many things can distract us on the road and, in that split second, anything can happen. Especially in stop-start city traffic. Active City Stop* can detect if the car in front has stopped and automatically apply the brakes in the time it takes you to blink.
Reading the road
Active City Stop is designed to help avoid a rear-end collision or reduce the impact of one by automatically applying brakes, if necessary
10 meters scanning area 
ahead of your vehicle

How it works

  • A lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor at the top of the windscreen scans the area ahead for other vehicles in slow-moving traffic at speeds of up to 30kmh.

  • The sensor is able to capture 15 images, monitor the gap to the vehicle ahead and calculate whether the traffic is slowing or has stopped, all in the time it takes you to blink – in other words, in a second.

  • Because the lidar detects reflections off license plates and rear lights, it can be influenced by its positioning and weather conditions. Every model with Active City Stop undergoes winter testing in Sweden and water testing.

50 times a second 

it scans the road

The power to stop. Fast.

  • If it determines that a collision is likely, it pre-charges the brakes. If the driver does nothing to avoid the collision, Active City Stop applies the brakes.

  • The system deactivates if you accelerate harder or steer to avoid an accident

Did you know?

As well as industry testing, we asked a chauffeur group in Paris to try the system out for a week on their crowded streets to ensure it didn’t interrupt normal driving.

    [1] Active City Stop may help avoid or minimise impact of a collision between speeds of 3.6km/h and 30km/h. It is not a substitute for driver alertness. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather.

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