Adaptive Cruise Control
Cruise Control is great when you leave the city limits. But what about when you’re driving on busy highways and freeways? Adaptive Cruise Control* lets you cruise in traffic by ‘reading’ the traffic ahead and managing your speed and distance as it changes.

How it works

  • Adaptive Cruise Control solves the problem of having to turn cruise on and off to adapt to changing traffic.

  • It allows you to set the distance you want to maintain between you and the vehicle in front, in addition to setting your cruising speed. You have up to four different length gaps to choose from.

  • Its radar automatically scans the vehicles ahead of you when you activate Adaptive Cruise Control, using a button on your steering wheel.

Scans up to 64 vehicles 

at one time and updates their position 20 times a second.


Stable, responsive steering is the hallmark of a quality drive. Electric power-assist steering adjusts to feel lighter in slow traffic and ‘heavier’ at higher speeds for greater control. It also adapts to changing road.

Does the legwork for you 

  • The system automatically reduces your speed when it detects a slower vehicle so the gap you’ve chosen between you and the vehicle in front is maintained.

  • As soon as the slow vehicle speeds up or you change lanes, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically returns to your chosen cruising speed.

  • It’s easy to switch off Adaptive Cruise Control - just put your foot on the brake.

Innovation for all

  • Previously found only on high-end vehicles, we have engineered the system to be more cost effective so it can be introduced into more vehicles.

  • Forward collision warning and collision mitigation are also included on select models.

Military know-how

The radar used has its background in the military and operates at the highest operating frequency in the public domain.

    [1] Feature may not be available on all models within vehicle range. Check vehicle specifications for details.

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