Cross Traffic Alert
Spot the vehicles you might miss. Cross Traffic Alert is a part of the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). It has been designed to warn you of vehicles that are approaching the rear of your vehicle from the side when your car is in reverse gear.

How it works

  • Cross Traffic Alert scans to the left and right as the car reverses out from perpendicular space.
  • If a vehicle or other hazard is detected, the driver is alerted by a visual warning in the cluster and a chime.
  • The speed and distance of the incoming traffic is logged by the system and warning is shown to the driver based on a ‘time to collision’ calculation.
Warning: Never use the Cross Traffic Alert system as a replacement for checking the interior and exterior mirrors and looking over your shoulder before slowly backing out of a parking space. Cross Traffic Alert is not a replacement for careful driving. 
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