Forward Collision Warning
Your vehicle has been designed with a feature that can help alert you if it senses a potential collision with the vehicle in front of you.

How it works

  • Front radar detects slower vehicles travelling in the same direction and measures distance to vehicles ahead.
  • When your car gets too close to the vehicle ahead, the Forward Collision Warning may detect the potential for a collision and trigger an audible and visual warning.
  • If you do not react to the warning and continue to get closer to the vehicle ahead, Brake Support kicks in to pre-charge and increase brake assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you brake.
  • The pre-charge will provide you with full braking power even if you lightly apply the brake pedal. This allows the brakes to respond faster in case you need to stop abruptly.
Warning: As with any vehicle technology, the system is designed to be a supplementary driving aid. It is not intended to replace the driver’s attention and judgment, or the need to apply the brakes. This system does not activate the brakes automatically. Failure to press the brake pedal to activate the brakes may result in a collision.
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