Hill Launch Assist
Driving off on a hill can put the best driving skills to the test. Especially if someone has stopped centimetres from your bumper. Hill Launch Assist takes the worry out of rolling, even in the tightest squeeze.

How it works

  •  The sensors in an accelerometer measure the longitudinal incline of the slope. If your car is on an incline that could cause it to roll, Hill Launch Assist automatically activates.
  • When you take your foot off the brake to put it on the accelerator, the system holds the brake pressure for up to three seconds to give you time to press the accelerator.

3 second hold – no roll

It may seem short, but it’s more than enough time to hold the brake pressure after you take your foot from the brake to press the accelerator.

Perfect hill starts every time

  • Once the engine has enough power to stop the vehicle from rolling, Hill Launch Assist releases the brakes so you can drive away smoothly – with no roll.
  • Works whether you’re driving uphill or down, so it’s a great help when you’re parked on an incline.
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