Rear Parking Sensors & Camera
Parallel parking or reversing anywhere is easier if someone is outside guiding you in. But how often does that happen? Rear Parking Sensors and, in some models, a Rear View Camera, are a pretty good substitute.

How it works

  • Sensors in the rear bumper scan to recognise certain objects.

  • As soon as you put the car into reverse, the sensors start working, emitting an audible ‘beep’ if there’s an object within 1.8 metres behind you.

  • The closer your vehicle gets to the object, the louder and faster the beeps become. A continuous beep means stop.

How it works

  • The sensors help detect objects you may not be able to see because they are out of your vision, such as a low railing or bolster.

  • If you have rear parking sensors only, a graphic display indicates where the object behind you is located.

  • If your vehicle has a Rear View Camera, together with the sensors’ beep, it makes reversing easier so you know more about what’s going on behind you.
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